Male to female transformation

Does Nature Ever Make A Mistake?

Does Nature Ever Make A Mistake? Male To Female Desires

Could it be possible that nature is not always perfect? There is a small percentage of the population that insists that nature made a mistake when they assigned their gender. Feeling more comfortable as the opposite sex, these individuals can spend a lifetime feeling as if they are living a lie in a body that doesn’t fit the way that they feel on the inside emotionally. For some it can be tortuous, leading them to look for option to go from male to female. Unfortunately, true transformation is highly invasive, costly and the results are not always what they desired them to be.

male to female change of sex

Male to female transformation

What are the options for those who are male but want to be female?

There aren’t many non invasive options for those who want to permanently alter their gender from man to woman. For many living in a female persona without making physical gender alterations is enough, but there are those who want to make the complete transformation leaving their male gender, and genitalia behind. The surgeries and procedures which are required require years of reconstruction, hormones, and invasive medical intervention. In the end, there are those who find that it was not the magic resolution that they were looking for leading to further and more depending depression.

Not all men who want to be women do so because of their homosexual tendencies

There is a misnomer that those men who desire to be women are homosexually orientated. The truth is that sometimes the need to be another gender has nothing to do with sexual desire. There are some that are not guided by their love of the opposite, or same sex, but a feeling that they are just not who they are supposed to be emotionally. Gender orientation has nothing to do with sexuality in some instances, confusing the two can be very dangerous for stereotyping.

What are the other options to become men to women?

With new makeup procedures and grooming advances, living a life as a female has become much easier. If surgery is not an option, living as a woman can be done, it just requires much maintenance on behalf of the individual. There are also subtle differences between men and women that cannot be changed with makeup, like their skin texture, or their mannerisms. For the transformation to be believable to the outside world, much practice and attention to things that define feminism need to be studied and practiced.

What about medications to go from a man to a woman?

By taking hormones it is possible for men to become women chemically. Female hormones will work by softening the hips and changing the texture of the skin to appear more feminine. They also work by altering the pitch of the voice, and curbing the growth of hair on the body. They will also make a man feel more sensitive and emotional. Long term use for such hormones in men have not been studied enough to guarantee their safety. They are the easiest way, however, to non invasively go from male to female.